MAGIC Privacy Guides Fund

MAGIC Grants is pleased to host the Privacy Guides project with the MAGIC Privacy Guides Fund. Privacy Guides the leading resource for independent, criteria-focused product recommendations and general knowledge in the privacy space.

To donate to the MAGIC Privacy Guides Fund, please email us at We accept donations with credit card, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency. A new donation platform to make donating easier will be deployed soon.

Committee Members

The MAGIC Privacy Guides Fund is governed by a committee that is composed of the five original Privacy Guides team members. They are:

  • Jonah Aragon
  • Niek de Wilde
  • Daniel Gray (dngray)
  • Freddy
  • Olivia

Currently, committee members are appointed and removed by the committee. There is no election process.

MAGIC Privacy Guides Fund Vision and Goals

  • To maintain the best privacy educational resources.
  • To foster a privacy community.
  • To remain free of advertisements and affiliate links.

Committee Minutes

Archive of older minutes