Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2024-03-05

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, monerobull, kowalabearhugs

Hackathon at Monero

We discussed presence at and potential involvement with Monerokon's hackathon. Our goal was to find goals/objectives we may want to sponsor hacking on. Further consideration was made to goals which encourage development yet don't become contracts for specific tasks.

Discussion of Hiring Developers

As other charitable organizations can, and as confirmed by Ehrenhofer we can, the idea of hiring developers to work on Monero was proposed. This would represent a formally employed, long-term opportunity with reduced paperwork for the developers (due to the organization handling the fundraising). We'd be looking to offer one year terms with renewal offers nine months in, renewal offers only being made if we had successfully fundraised the next year's wages.

This is a very intensive idea with a lot of moving pieces to it. We don't believe it to be immediately feasible to start working on, yet believe it may represent a long term goal.