Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2023-04-25

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, monerobull, artlimber

Membership Update

MajesticBank was removed from the committee by the MAGIC Grants board for policy violations.


The committee is once again discussing Molly. Our prior discussions ended when Molly's developer informed us they were taking another path regarding funding. Recently, they updated their CCS with their progress, including work on an Android SDK for Monero with a variety of features/improvements. Within their update, they requested another 36,000 USD for their increased scope of work.

The committee discussed their increased scope of work and funding opportunities for them. We compiled a list of questions so we can be fully informed.

Carbon Emission Company

A company focusing on carbon emissions requested funding. The committee unanimously voted no due to the lack of relevance.


A draft research proposal on analysing the Overseer attack under the decoy model was posted. The committee discussed it at a high level and gave initial feedback.