Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2023-03-14

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, monerobull, artlimber

Grant Request for a Monero Dashboard

We discussed the grant request to build a Monero dashboard. While not opposed to it, we do want to ensure real-world interest, and will continue to perform temperature checks with the community.

Goals of the Monero Committee

We want to be pro-active in soliciting grants, and discussed firm ideas for grants we could reach out about. Cremers, Loss, and Wagner, who published a security analysis of the current Monero protocol, would be prime candidates to formalize and perform an analysis of our current multisig protocol. We also remain interested in funding atomic swaps and will reach out to a party working in that specific area.

Event Presence

We plan to submit a lightning talk to Monerokon about MAGIC, as we did last year, and will work to have a few slides at Monerotopia.