Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2023-03-07

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, monerobull, artlimber

Grant Request for Workshops/Research

We requested more info from this applicant and did not receive a response. Due to this lack of communication, the present members have voted not to move forward with this grant, yet we are open to further explanation in the future.

Monero Dashboard

We received a grant to fund a series of widgets for tracking Monero. We have decided to ask the community for their opinion to check the actual value of this.

EABE Attack Research

We prior committed to reach out to someone interested in having research on the EABE attack conducted in order to see if we could help organize it. Progress is being made, yet it may be funded through the CCS instead of MAGIC.

Cremers, Loss, and Wagner

Cremers, Loss, and Wagner published a security analysis of RingCT, including various proofs. They will be present at the upcoming Monero Research Lab meeting. We intend to ask them if they'd be interested in formalizing Monero's multisig algorithm, as the MAGIC Monero Fund would be interested in funding such work.