Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-11-01

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick, Csila, monerobull

BTCPay Server Support for Bitcoin

Due to a recent upgrade to the Bitcoin daemon, BTCPay stuttered on handling the new wallet RPC. While a fix was submitted, it doesn't seem to be complete and we're working on resolving that. A few potential solutions have been put forth.

Grant Application for a Cryptography Wiki

We were requested to fund a cryptography wiki aimed at ensuring open, consistent access to a variety of concepts and protocols. While appreciated, as Monero is built on cryptography and the design seemed sufficiently sane, it wasn't directly related to Monero and the requested amount exceeded our budget. We declined to move forward, yet welcomed the applicant to discuss a Monero-specific section in the future.

OpenSats Application Page

We'd appreciate our new OpenSats site be able to additionally handle applications via a webform. This will be tested before the next meeting.

Increasing the grant amount target from 20k to 30k

Due to our funding approaching 60k USD, we discussed raising the grant amount target from 20k to 30k. We were unsure how many more projects this would actually entice however, and doing a single grant of that amount would be half our budget. For now, we decided to keep the amount at 20k.