Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-08-30

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick, monerobull

Hosting Fundraising for mj-xmr

The committee voted to host mj-xmr's, unilaterally believing in the value the work would offer to Monero. Specifically, Kayaba, Deverick, and monerobull voted yes, with Rucknium abstaining due to the proximity of their own work. While Rucknium does not financially benefit from this, and there is not believed by any member to be a legitimate conflict of interest, respect was still given. We look forward not only to the general contributions of mj-xmr's work, yet also a review of MyMonero's privacy implications and the ability to efficiently test decoy selection algorithms.

Reaching out to the Ethereum Community

As we continue to work on fundraising for Ethereum-Monero atomic swaps, we discussed individuals capable of efficient promotion. We also discussed a grant from the MAGIC Monero Fund's balance to accelerate its fundraising, which will be carried into the next meeting.


An incomplete draft of the body was shared, with Rucknium providing an additional section. By next meeting, we hope for the ready draft, and will be actively orchestrating community engagement until then.