Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-08-23

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick, Csila, monerobull

Request for Fundraising Hosting

We received a request not for funding, yet to host fundraising from mj-xmr, a Monero developer. This was due to a few reasons, including MAGIC's ability to offer USD-denominated milestones and payouts to applicants. The grant would be to further analyze MyMonero's fee fingerprintability and unique decoy selection algorithms for statistical estimation of the real spend age distribution and continue to develop tsqsim, a tool useful for testing and verifying models as used in decoy selection to ensure the privacy of people sending Monero. This would greatly contribute to OSPEAD, a separate project intended to provide a decoy selection algorithm achieving a much greater level of privacy.

Given not only the relevance and importance of this work, yet also the fact it does not take up the MAGIC Monero Fund's budget, we don't see a reason to stand against it. Due to it appearing very shortly before our meeting, we have decided to postpone the vote until we can properly review it in the name of safety, yet have no objections at this time. In general, we are open to hosting any fundraising which is relevant, so long as we are not inundated with requests.

Ethereum Atomic Swaps Grant Funding

We have reached out to two parties on behalf of this grant, requesting funding as part of our work to successfully raise. We are currently awaiting to hear back all responses yet will continue to do what we can.

Newsletter Hosting and Writing

While the MAGIC website does host blog posts, we wanted to ensure widespread visibility. Beyond also sending out an email, which we do have the infrastructure for, we discussed a pair of blogging platforms, each with their own content discovery algorithms we could utilize to further spread out.

We have also accumulated a list of sections we want to include, with writing provided for some.