Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-08-02

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Csila

Update from ACK-J

Citing their workload, ACK-J requested an additional month to complete their work, which was agreed to without issue. The paper, while largely complete, would benefit from additional tuning and editing. We appreciate their dedication to an optimal result from their work.

Ethereum Atomic Swaps

The present committee members unanimously voted to host the fundraising for noot's Atomic Swap proposal, originally proposed to the CCS. This came after noot confirmed their preference would be to fundraise through MAGIC, which can offer a stable price. Followup

We reached out to for an update on our offer for assistance, as we had previously reached out yet the developer said they needed a few days as they were occupied. They responded saying they believe they have found a path forward, one not requiring additional funding, and will be working on that in order to complete their grant. While MAGIC's offer to assist stands, this is no longer something we will actively pursue, and we wish them the best.

Grant to fund development surrounding OSPEAD

Justin confirmed there may be a conflict of interest concern, as noted in previous meetings, yet the path forward would to be to fill out all documentation for formal review. This does have the benefit we can do the paperwork and committee deliberations now, without further delays, if that's the timeline which best fits the work. This will be communicated to the developer who would submit the grant so they know the option is available.