Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-07-26

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick

Followup to the aforementioned CCS Proposal

We reached out to noot regarding their upcoming Ethereum Atomic Swap proposal, offering to host the fundraising for it in order to remove volatility. They have expressed their interest, and we will have the necessary discussions to move forward.

Issuing a grant to research adjacent to a committee member

Rucknium, one of our committee members, is a researcher working on Monero via the CCS on statistical analysis and a new decoy selection algorithm. Their own CCS grant stated a need for an external C++ developer, not covered by their own CCS proposal, to assist with some parts of the algorithm, and once their work is submitted, to implement it into Monero.

The question was raised if MAGIC could provide funding for such a developer, given how Rucknium would not benefit from financially and Rucknium was not expected to handle such development themself. The desire to confirm is based on the fact it is funding an implementation of their research, and working with them, even though it's for Monero.

Update on Research Topics

We have decided to officially adopt arithmetic circuit based membership proofs as a topic of interest which we're likely to fund grants for, along with security proofs for the existing proofs used within Monero. This has been noted in our letter to a group of researchers, which we will be sending shortly.