Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-06-21

Present: Vik, Rucknium, Kayaba

June 14th Meeting

The meeting on the 14th was cancelled due to conflicting travel arrangements for MoneroKon.


Vik Sharma unfortunately does not have the time to maintain their participation, and has resigned accordingly. We appreciate their participation thus far, and wish them the best on their ventures.

Funding Stability

Haveno suspended their UI development due to lack of funds caused by the current bear market.'s intergration of Monero has also slowed down, for the same reason. While MAGIC offers a potential solution to such cases, as we will allocate grants in USD if requested and can handle conversions, we have yet to successfully attract applicants in a way comparable to the CCS.


Kayaba gave a lightning talk at MoneroKon about the MAGIC Monero Fund. While brief, it did raise awareness and create a few new connections.