Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-05-08

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick

Conference in Europe

MAGIC was approached by a notable community member seeking funding to present at a cryptocurrency conference in Europe. While we were interested, the conference appeared to only have 30-60 people attending, and as much as we respected the speaker, we couldn't justify the money asked for at this time. There was also a discussion on if it would count as education, which does fall under MAGIC's, and the Monero Fund's, perview, or if education is more intended for materials and academic settings. Justin did clarify it could be scoped without issue under education though.

Fund management

As part of our campaigns, we're trying to not only get recurring donations set up optimally, yet also ensure we have a secure way to monitor Monero donations for campaigns such as Reddit flairs. An appreciated community developer was working on a system which would've been viable to monitor funds coming in, yet still needs more work for modularity and MAGIC's own needs. Deverick also may have a prebuilt solution which may work for us.