Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-05-01

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick


Monero multisig, which has had a series of issues raised causing a large set of changes to be made while it's not recommended, nor viable, for usage, is planned to be audited before large scale deployment in the upcoming Haveno DEX. The MAGIC Monero Fund has re-iterated it's previously re-affirmed stance to fund audits, and is watching as the multisig protocol is formalized, the next step before obtaining an audit.

Amazon Smile

MAGIC is available via Amazon Smile, Amazon's charity program which automatically donates a percentage of your order value, at no additional cost, to a selected charity. This would enable quickly scaling semi-regular micro-donations if properly communicated to the community.

Reddit Flairs

Harkening back to the previously discussed NFT ideas, which are still open, giving Reddit flairs to people who donate to either the MAGIC Monero Fund or the CCS could encourage donations to either. $25 would be accessible yet substantial at scale, as it'd automatically propoagate through the community. The difficulties in doing so would be the fact these flairs need to not only be tracked, yet also assigned, and from the MAGIC side of things, we'd want recurring donations to be available as an option when we launch this campaign, so every user who donates under this campaign has that option as they donate. Options which expand beyond simply the Monero subreddit become much tricker, yet could reach a much larger audience and therefore be more successful.