Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-04-03

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Csilla

Flyers for Monerotopia

This meeting initially had the flyers for Monerotopia confirmed, which involved a discussion on the design. Ensuring we could effectively reach out to the community with the necessary branding and information was important, especially as we were able to confirm we'd have a table at Monerotopia and even be able to give our flyers out as people claimed their badges. The MAGIC General Fund offered to pay for the flyers (costing up to $100 for up to 250), which Kayaba will handle the purchase and delivery of.


The various developers behind Monero discussed audits as the next hard fork approaches, primarily around the multisig PRs. Given the issues found with Monero's multisig, these PRs do have a certain priority and accordingly must be handled properly. One of the Monero Fund's purposes is providing audits for Monero, a statement reaffirmed during this meeting, which will be brought up to the community at large to ensure that as further auditing discussions happen, we can help with ensuring the funds needed are available.