Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-03-27

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Deverick

Announcement of ACK-J's grant

ACK-J published a post on Reddit confirming they were awarded a grant, theirs being the first from the MAGIC Monero Fund. Not only is this a step forward by the organization, it demonstrates to the community what we do. This specific grant is for scientific research regarding both machine learning and statistical analysis, which may put somewhat of a barrier on understanding both it and why it benefits Monero. Accordingly, we look forward to their first update demonstrating both their progress and the start of a less abstract commentary on how this work has impact on improving Monero's privacy.


Further organization for Monerotopia occurred. While we originally wanted to have an interactive presence as a way of drawing attention, this has been deemed infeasible given when we started discussing and organizing for it. We still plan to maintain a presence to raise awareness and engage with the community