Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-01-30

Present: Rucknium, Kayaba, Csilla (, Justin)

  • 19:00 Hellos and greetings, waiting for everyone else to show up
  • 19:03 Rucknium, Kayaba, and Csilla acknowledge having joined the GitHub
  • 19:04 Rucknium provides RFPs we can design our own off of
  • 19:10 Previous meetings minutes are confirmed
  • 19:13 Csilla presents campaign ideas for fundraising and awareness
  • 19:19 Discussion around NFT collections for fundraising, including an example from Csilla of a Monero card, a gif from Rucknium of a statistical procedure, and the example of Monerujo funding development with NFTs
  • 19:31 Comment the best way to raise awareness is by actually issuing grants and the infrastructure for them
  • 19:31 Kayaba started on a document for grant submission to be presented at the next meeting
  • 19:34 Discussion on using GitHub for the submission process
  • 19:36 Rucknium also wants to make progress on investment policy, a discussion postponed during the grant submission discussion
  • 19:37 CryptPad suggested as an alternative to GitHub
  • 19:38 Rucknium notes different grants will have different flows, along with how researchers won't want to publicize their submissions in whole
  • 19:41 Public submission via GitHub, private submission via the email list proposed, enabling a post-mortem publication to GitHub
  • 19:41 Comparative analysis to ZOMG on submission privacy
Deverick joins having been out of servive, making him present
  • 19:47 Justin notes an alternative private submission process may be possible, yet notes some legal requirements
  • 19:50 Discussion over whether or not those would apply with the result being Justin will review while it is not believed to be an issue at this time
  • 19:59 Rucknium volunteers to write an RFP template for research-focused grants for the next meeting
  • 20:00 Justin will set up emails and the email list for communication
  • 20:05 Next meeting planned for the same time next week