Monero Fund Committee Minutes from 2022-01-23

Justin, John, Rucknium, Kayaba, CB

19:00 Congratulations

03 Introductions by Justin, started 2016 by Sarang Noether, bit off too much, started undergraduate scholarships

John two years, early 2020, 501c3 exemption start of 2020

05 CB Brainstorm ideas on fundraising

06 Justin Our fund, we can do what we want, trusted by the XMR community

07 Deverick joins

08 Agenda from Justin appears on screen (welcome, background, goals, policy documents, grant application process)

09 Justin's history with the XMR StackExchange and a Monero foundation

11 John's history

12 CB's history, news, art, primarily wants to fundraise, support more developers

13 Deverick, "fundamental old school privacy advocate", lots of projects, psychology, compsci, cybersecurity, devcon

15 Kayaba, Python wallet, atomic swaps, wants to help ensure funding for developers

15 Rucknium "I started working on Monero about six months ago. I'm tackling some of the statistical issues involved in decoy (mixin) selection for Monero's ring signature privacy model. I'm an empirical microeconomist, so I know the statistics involved but not the cryptography.

I am most interested in how the fund can support an effort to support more research (and researchers!) into improving Monero. See" (verbalized by Justin)

18 Justin details policy documents, conflict of interest

23 Kayaba asks about the theory of funding organizations who are then not liable to perform KYC checks on recipients as sub-organizations, as discussed in relation to ZOMG

24 Justin covers our KYC requirements and AML details

26 Grant recipient paperwork

28 GitHub repo for submissions? KISS

30 Suggestion to review Monero Bounties

33 200 XMR war chest from anonymous donor

34 Rucknium "At our individual Fund level, I assume and hope that we could have an option to allow certain types of applications to remain private.

If I'm a researcher interested in working on Monero, I would be concerned that publishing all my preliminary work could lead to my idea being "scooped" by another researcher. In a typical research grant fund, the whole application isn't made public, at least not at the moment of submission. Often, a title and abstract are made public after a grant has been approved."

35 Kayaba asks about a MG email which serves as a mailing list for all of us to enable such submissions

35 Justin will offer emails and a list (

37 Justin wants meeting minutes (also on the agenda, which now also shows finances/reaching the Magic Grants board, questions), Kayaba says he has some and agrees to handle them

40 Waived minimum fund fee for this year

42 Financial information will be available in a publicly disclosed spreadsheet

43 Formal communication with the board can be done via

45 Kayaba confirms a GoFundMe would still be tax deducible, clarifies signing requirements on documents, and

48 Kayaba suggests BTC/ETH/XMR

50 Deverick agrees, KISS

50 Rucknium "I think we can accept everything, but if the coins are outside of a core set that we want to place on a website as donation addresses, then we can say, "contact us for more instructions"."

51 Kayaba agrees, citing how publicizing addresses for certain coins may turn donations away

52 Deverick asks if US only applications

52 Justin, MG was initially, yet it is now definitely international as it should be

55 CB asks what to prepare for the next meeting, Deverick covers discussions about the submission process

55 Rucknium "Can we give monthly or every-two-months payments if we get grant reports from grantees? So they are not waiting for a long time?"

55 Justin Yes

56 Rucknium "I think it would be best if we use CryptPad instead of Google Office products."

56 Kayaba "Can we do conditionally continued grants or would that be defined a separate grant entirely?"

56 Justin Yes

56 Rucknium "I think next meeting in a week would be better. As I mentioned, there is a potential research grant application coming down the pipeline."

57 Kayaba covers what to prepare as well, saying we kinda already handled what addresses to display, saying we can individually reach out to Justin to handle emails having settled on Discord for the group, Justin agrees

58 Kayaba also proposes someone sign up to handle the submission process, saying we don't have to be silent till the next meeting, and says we should come up with investment strategies

00 Kayaba agrees, CB agrees, Deverick agrees with 56 Rucknium

00 Rucknium "I will try to look at the research grant application process of, broadly speaking, similar grant foundations. And see what common elements they have – to get ideas."

01 Discussion by Deverick and Justin on GH management, Kanban, Jira… … continuation of misc GH, discussion, thanks to everyone, goodbyes