Voting Guide

This page explains some of the most important steps for voting.

For Voters

MAGIC Grants voters will typically follow these steps:

  • Provide a valid email to MAGIC Grants, if we don't have one already.
  • Activate your email on CIVS. This will save you an email from us.
  • Confirm you can receive emails from CIVS ( and MAGIC Grants ( to make sure that they aren't going to spam.
  • You will be emailed a link to vote. The email will start with "Poll:". Make sure to verify the supervisor is! It's unlikely, but you may receive fake emails from someone else asking for you to vote!
  • Vote by ranking the choices (1 is best).
  • Save your receipt if you want the option to edit your vote!
  • CIVS only supports one question per link. You may be emailed several voting links. Make sure to complete them all.

Important notes:

  • Your vote will not be made public, but we may keep a record of the vote for audit purposes.
  • Aggregate voting results will be made public.
  • Those who do not vote may lose their voting privileges.
  • For technical questions, please contact
  • Do NOT share your voting link with anyone else.
  • If you have not yet received a voting email more than 24 hours after the intended launch time, please email for assistance.
  • If you did not register your email with CIVS before the poll started, you will see a link to the poll after registering. Confirm the supervisor is

For the MAGIC Board

Here are some handy tips to set up the voting process:

  • Verify the question(s) for the poll(s).
  • Verify the list of voters is the latest version. CIVS supports uploading voter email lists.
  • You will need to make one poll per question.
  • Click here to create a CIVS poll.
  • Name the poll appropriately. This is shown to all voters. Eg: "MAGIC Monero Fund 2023-01 (1 of 1)"
  • Add your name as the supervisor or use "MAGIC Board".
  • Use the email as the supervisor. Do not use a Fund email (eg: since this will give improper permissions to the committee members.
  • Add the proper day and time that the poll will stop. Polls need to be stopped manually by the supervisor (you).
  • Description should link to relevant materials, such as the GitHub issues where candidates are listed, and/or a summary blog post.
  • Enter the names of each candidate, one per line. You can optionally upload a file, but it's unlikely you will have enough choices to warrant this.
  • Check the candidate details again for accuracy.
  • Change the number of winning choices to the appropriate number.
  • Keep the poll as "Private."
  • Select "Do not release results to all voters" and add the email under the "Enter email addresses of users permitted to view poll results: (All voters can see these email addresses)" box.
  • Select "Enable detailed ballot reporting."
  • Select "In detailed ballot report, also reveal the identity of the voter with each ballot." This allows us to confirm who votes.
  • Only select "Enforce proportional representation" if this is desired by the community. This will calculate winners differently to make a more proportional committee that represents different voting bases instead of selecting the top condorcet winners. Click here for more information.
  • Click "Create poll".
  • You will see an email entitled "Results of CIVS poll". Do NOT delete this email.
  • Click on the link in the email entitled "CIVS poll created" sent to
  • Click "Start poll".
  • Add voters at the bottom of the page. You will most likely wish to upload the list of all the voter emails. Then click "Add voters".
  • You will be directed to an "Adding voters" page. There may be some voters in a table with the message "This email address has not been activated by the recipient." If so, click "Email voters who have not activated" and open the link with Gmail.
  • Confirm you are sending the email from Do NOT send this email from your personal email or another MAGIC Grants email.
  • Confirm you are sending the email with all the recipients as BCC. While the list of voters is public, the email addresses are not published publicly and should also not be shared with other voters.

To follow up:

  • Under the "Poll Control" page, upload/type the list of voters again (leave "Invite even voters who have already voted?" unchecked) and click "Add voters".
  • Send inactive voters another email.

*Note: you do NOT need send reminder emails for every wave of newly registered voters! Once they register, they will see a link to participate in the poll ("Pending poll invitations:").

To stop the poll:

  • Find the initial poll email ("CIVS poll created") and click on the link to start/stop the poll.
  • Click "End poll". This is irreversible!
  • Find the initial "Results of CIVS poll" email, or go back and click "resend link".
  • Copy the ballot report and paste in a spreadsheet, then save.
  • You can additionally click "Download ballots in CSV format", but this will NOT include a list of the people who voted.
  • Screenshot the winners and save that also.