MAGIC Grants is pleased to offer a MAGIC Monero Fund to support the Monero ecosystem! Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the important Fund details:

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Upcoming Dates

No upcoming dates in the near future.

Committee Candidates and Voter Nominations

Announce your candidacy, view the candidacy of others, and apply to be a voter on GitHub. You need a GitHub account to be a committee member candidate.

Existing Committee Members and Voters

Committee Members:

  • Rucknium (term until 2024-01)
  • kayabaNerve (term until 2024-01)
  • monerobull (term until 2025-01)
  • artlimber (term until 2025-01)
  • kowalabearhugs (term until 2025-01)

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MAGIC Monero Fund Achievements

MAGIC Monero Fund Vision and Goals

  • Improve the Monero ecosystem.
  • Support Monero development and research.
  • Create Monero educational resources.
  • Fund Monero security audits.
  • Run essential services that support the Monero ecosystem.

Other ways to contribute

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