MAGIC Grants is in the initial stages of starting a MAGIC Monero Fund. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the important Fund details:

Upcoming Dates

Committee applications and voter nominations open December 2022.

Committee Candidates and Voter Nominations

Announce your candidacy and view the candidacy of others on GitHub. You need a GitHub account to apply.

View Voter nomination instructions on GitHub. Nominations can be submitted by Google Form or by email.

Existing Committee Members and Voters

Committee Members:

  • Vik Sharma
  • Rucknium
  • kayabaNerve
  • Deverick
  • Csilla Brimer

List of all voters

MAGIC Monero Fund Achievements

MAGIC Monero Fund Vision and Goals

  • Improve the Monero ecosystem.
  • Support Monero development and research.
  • Create Monero educational resources.
  • Fund Monero security audits.
  • Run essential services that support the Monero ecosystem.
  • XMR: 86oadiEa7cDDRNbe1c89hUGeSyuVL7dL3c98b1LM2cMENLxcUeNn8WsUndirifDXALPT1L1pZD6cQdG7vB5FKSsdHVk5Kid
  • BTC: 36qwtzKcUpGbkPfEeW92XCQ9Cc641464EP
  • ETH: 0x754273831c3be375b027fc6df60eb08680e43236

For fiat (USD) donation options, after donating in cryptocurrencies, and for other donation options, please email and specify that your donation should be allocated to the MAGIC Monero Fund.

Committee Minutes