MAGIC Grants is pleased to offer a MAGIC Monero Fund to support the Monero ecosystem! Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the important Fund details:

Upcoming Dates

No upcoming dates in the near future.

Existing Committee Members and Voters

Committee Members:

  • Rucknium
  • kayabaNerve
  • Deverick
  • Csilla Brimer
  • monerobull

List of all voters

MAGIC Monero Fund Achievements

MAGIC Monero Fund Vision and Goals

  • Improve the Monero ecosystem.
  • Support Monero development and research.
  • Create Monero educational resources.
  • Fund Monero security audits.
  • Run essential services that support the Monero ecosystem.

Become a member!! This comes with special perks, if desired. You can automatically allocate you contributions to this fund.

  • PayPal Giving Fund (must email after the donation to indicate that your donation should be allocated to the MAGIC Monero Fund)
  • PayPal (auto recurring available, higher fees, no need to email)
  • XMR: 86oadiEa7cDDRNbe1c89hUGeSyuVL7dL3c98b1LM2cMENLxcUeNn8WsUndirifDXALPT1L1pZD6cQdG7vB5FKSsdHVk5Kid
  • BTC: 36qwtzKcUpGbkPfEeW92XCQ9Cc641464EP
  • ETH: 0x754273831c3be375b027fc6df60eb08680e43236
  • BCH: bitcoincash:pqhlc5qupnesm2sy7d5u92gjxaq3wnyw7gv53wwvdz

After donating in cryptocurrencies, and for other donation options, please email and specify that your donation should be allocated to the MAGIC Monero Fund.

Committee Minutes