Committee Expectations

Active and knowledgeable committee members are extremely important for the health of a MAGIC Fund!

Committee members advise on important MAGIC Fund decisions, including investment and grant decisions.

Though expectations vary by fund, advisory committee members generally are expected to do the following:

  • Be an active member in the Project community by following recent news and participating in events.

  • Encourage individuals and entities to apply for grants.

  • Regularly meet with other committee members to vote on grant proposals and on investment decisions.

  • Reach out to community members and organizations to collect donations for the fund.

  • Help grow and support the Project community with educational materials.

  • Be an upstanding representative for the MAGIC Project Fund.

  • Abide by all MAGIC Grants policies.

Committee members should expect to spend several hours a week on their committee duties. We estimate about 150 hours per year is normal. If this is too much, please apply to be a voter instead.

See Voter expectations