MAGIC Monero Fund Launches FOSS Crowdfunding Platform

Today, the MAGIC Monero Fund launched their new open-source crowdfunding platform on

This platform is essential for the committee to be able to raise money for crowdfunding campaigns. Previously, the committee relied on GoFundMe and manual cryptocurrency donations.

This crowdfunding platform accepts donations in fiat (credit/debit), XMR, and BTC. XMR and BTC are accepted with BTCPay Server.

Donations are tracked by specific type of donation. Each donation goes toward the set USD-denominated goal.

The MAGIC Grants board is extremely excited for this platform to be live. It couldn't be possible without the OpenStats and BTCPay Server Projects, as well as the weeks of volunteer effort by the MAGIC Monero Fund committee members.

If you have any questions about the crowdfunding platform, please email

Code on GitHub: