MAGIC Monero Fund Special Election Results

MAGIC Grants ran a special election for the MAGIC Monero Fund to fill a vacant committee seat.

MAGIC Grants used a ranked-choice voting method, which allows voters to specify the exact order of candidates by preference. The election had an 62% voter turnout.

Results of the Election

monerobull has been selected to join the MAGIC Monero Fund committee.

They will serve the remainer of a 1-year term ending in January 2023. kayabaNerve will be promoted to a 2-year term ending in January 2024.

monerobull is a distributor of marketing materials for Monero Outreach and moderates various communication channels of the Monero community.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all 5 committee candidates, including MoneroBoating, whatgrindsmygear, Individual-1, and Jedd Routledge! We would like to thank everyone who voted!

Thanks to everyone who supports the MAGIC Monero Fund and the broader Monero ecosystem!