Introducing Memberships

MAGIC Grants is pleased to offer memberships! Memberships come with special perks and recognition. Allocate your donation to MAGIC Grants or to a MAGIC Fund of your choice!

Special Perks

You may optionally pass on any/all of these perks if you like.

  • A Matrix account with E2E encrypted messages on the MAGIC Grants server, which is profesionally administered by Element for high uptime.
  • A special flair on participating subreddits that are related to the fund you donate to.
  • Recognition on our website.

Membership Cost

Memberships are essential for supporting the cryptocurrency community.

  • Monthly: $50 or more (card payment only)
  • Annual: $600 or more (crypto or card payment)

If you have donated more than $600 to any MAGIC Grants program within the last year, please email so that we can apply membership perks.

Become a Member

Please join us! Click here to become a member.

Tax Deduction

MAGIC Grants is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your donation is tax deductible.

Some membership perks come with an estimated monetary value. If you donate $600 and receive some perks, then you may not be able to deduct the full $600. We will indicate the approimate value of the perks on the donor receipt. If you would like to full value of your donation to go to the desired program, you can easily indicate this when signing up for a membership. Simply decline the perks with an estimated monetary value.

Donating to MAGIC Grants vs Donating to MAGIC Funds

MAGIC Grants offers MAGIC Funds around specific projects where the disbursements are approved through committee and community vote.

Donations to MAGIC Grants are unrestricted donations (unless mentioned). Donations to any particular MAGIC Fund are subject to the restrictions documented for the fund.

To learn more about MAGIC Funds, please click here.

Why should I become a member?

At MAGIC Grants, we help to redirect some of the wealth generated in the cryptocurrency world back towards improving the ecosystem of your choice. Learn more about MAGIC Grants here.