Announcing 2 Research Grants for Lightning Network Privacy

MAGIC Grants, a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports public cryptocurrency infrastructure, is pleased to announce 2 research grants of 0.555 BTC each to investigate improved privacy on the Bitcoin Lightning Network!

This grant is made possible by pledges from zkSNACKs Ltd. (Wasabi Wallet; 1 BTC), Dan Gershony (0.1 BTC), and the Wasabi Wallet community (0.01 BTC). These contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Researchers are encouraged to apply by March 14th, 2022 as teams or individuals. The Lightning Network Privacy Committee will select 2 winning teams (individuals selected will be organized into a team) by March 31st, 2022. Research teams will have until the end of the year to submit their research papers.

Grant recipients will receive 20% of the grant value up-front and 80% after the paper is reviewed and accepted by the committee. MAGIC Grants can pay recipients in BTC, USD, EUR, or other assets, and we can agree to pay a fixed amount of BTC or a fiat-pegged value for the second payout. We offer flexible payment options following our MAGIC Fund Grant Disbursement Process and Requirements.


To apply, please email on or before March 14th.

You do not need to include all of your ideas in the application. Please apply with your exploration plans, experience, and credentials. It is expected that you will come up with and explore various ideas during the research period; these do not need to be established in the initial application.

Lightning Network Privacy Committee Members

  • Rafe (zkSNACKs Ltd.)
  • Adam Ficsor (zkSNACKs Ltd.)
  • Dan Gershony

Questions for MAGIC Grants

If you have general questions about the MAGIC Grants nonprofit organization, please contact