Welcoming the Inaugural MAGIC Monero Fund Committee

On December 4th, MAGIC Grants announced the MAGIC Monero Fund. Applicants could apply to be a committee member and/or voter before December 30th. Voting ended January 12th.

MAGIC Grants used a ranked-choice voting method, which allows voters to specify the exact order of candidates by preference. The election had an 88% voter turnout.

Results of the Election

MAGIC Grants is pleased to announce the top 5 ranked committee members!

  • Vik Sharma
  • Rucknium
  • kayabaNerve
  • Deverick
  • Csilla Brimer

Vik Sharma is the owner of Cake Wallet and Monero.com. He is also the president of Liberty Steel USA.

Rucknium is a Monero Research Lab researcher and economist who has focused on statistical obfuscation on Monero and Bitcoin Cash.

kayabaNerve is a Monero-ecosystem developer and security researcher who was the first to implement Monero atomic swaps with ASMR.

Deverick is an application security developer for Blackbaud, a leading nonprofit cloud services platform. He co-planned the 2021 Monero Party.

Csilla Brimer is a blockchain consultant at Willenrimer and a co-founder of the Open Economy Initiative. She co-planned the 2021 Monero Party.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all 10 committee candidates, including monerobull, Twisted_Turtle, cryptpriv, Syketale, and Cbster! We would like to thank everyone who voted!

We believe that this MAGIC Monero Fund will provide a new, important way of sustaining the Monero ecosystem!