Support the 2021 Defcon Cryptocurrency Village

We are excited that our campaign to raise funds for the 2021 Defcon Cryptocurrency Village was successful! We raised $14,492 from 8 donations.

Link to the campaign

MAGIC is supporting the Cryptocurrency Village at the Defcon cybersecurity conference this year. The Cryptocurrency Village will showcase the most exciting parts of the cryptocurrency community to thousands of conference attendees. The village is an important educational outreach opportunity, especially since many conference attendees specialize in security and privacy research and development. It is extremely important that we have knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers to answer questions about cryptocurrencies, and to have educational and promotional resources about cryptocurrencies and privacy.

To help make the village a success, MAGIC raised funds to support various costs associated with running the village. These include:

  • Educational booklets with important information about the village, cryptocurrencies, and privacy

  • Stickers to help attendees share their support for cryptocurrencies and privacy

  • Other miscellaneous swag and handouts that support cryptocurrencies and privacy

  • Village volunteer travel reimbursements for various expenses such as lodging, travel, and conference admissions

MAGIC Grants selected GoFundMe for this fundraising campaign.